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We leverage on over 21 years of quality experience to design custom made tours, tailored specifically to the unique needs and requirement of each client because we believe each tour represents a distinct experience for each person, family or group. We painstakingly note what each party is specifically interested in which serves as a basis for the design of an itinerary to suit their needs and also influences how we assign the perfect guide to them.

The Holy Land is quite a unique destination and each tour is a very personal experience . For example, a Jewish couple would prefer a different itinerary from a Catholic couple.

We acknowledge the variations that make up a family group which can consist of 2 to 3 generations. We adequately prepare the right mix of activities and guide choice to ensure the tour is a successful one.

We understand the dynamics in some travelers preferring to see the world with their partners, friends, or on their own. Our travel options are tailored to fit the unique preferences of couples, small groups and solo travelers to guarantee a memorable experience.